Moraovens is a new brand in the production of pizza ovens.

The owner Tony Kavak has extensive and long-standing experience in the restaurant industry and has previously sold pizza ovens of several different brands.


As a retailer, Tony noted that many brands did not meet the requirements that the "regular" pizza baker really needs (Tony himself has been baking pizza since the age of 18). This was the seed for producing an unique oven with the primary focus on the baker.


Initially, attempts were made to buy an existing player in 2018 - however, there was no deal. In 2019, Tony attended the Milan Restaurant Expo to evaluate potential import candidates, however, the same shortcomings were noted among manufacturers as before.

After the trip extensive work began to create the Mora Oven brand.


After several months of work - design, production, etc. - the first prototype copy was completed in January 2020. After 2 months of testing and fine-tuning / dry runs, the first copy was sold to a customer in Stockholm (who choose Mora Ovens after only 1 year of operating an oven from another brand).


Since March 2020, sales and interest have been a success - as of today's date (January 2021), Mora Ovens has been sold all over Sweden and been exporting ovens to 4 European countries.


Initially, 3 models were launched.





In November 2020, development of the P80 model began with the possibility of baking 8 pizzas per floor. In February 2021, new upgraded / re-designed versions of P20 and P80 will be released on the Swedish market.


As we are a medium-sized company, we have had the opportunity to develop our ovens very quickly - mainly due to Tony's in-house industry knowledge combined with short/efficient decision paths with designers, electrical engineers and manufacturing.


In 1 year, Mora Ovens has become a major player/manufacturer in the Pizza oven context that most competitors didn’t expect - success is a fact.

Our vision is dream large and work hard


Regards, Tony Kavak, CEO Moraovens, 2021 - 04 - 13